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War Profiteering

The private mercenary contractor Blackwater is given credit for helping us bring “freedom” to the Iraqi people. The company, run by millionaire and Bush crony Eric Prince—whose family has given over $2 million to Republican candidates and has many ties to conservative religious causes—has been given multimillion dollar no-bid contracts to protect U.S. State Department officials and train law enforcement officials in Iraq. Unregulated Blackwater and other private contractors in Iraq are being paid handsomely by the U.S., but they are not held accountable for their actions because Paul Bremer enacted orders giving the contractors full immunity from prosecution.

Blackwater thugs shot randomly into a crowd of people last week after hearing a car bomb go off. They killed at least 9 Iraqi citizens and wounded scores more, including a mother and child. The Iraqi government is demanding that the U.S. replace Blackwater, whose employees are immune from prosecution and U.S. military law. We should be outraged that mercenaries paid by the U.S. are randomly murdering Iraqis. Bush’s war couldn’t exist without these overpaid private forces, which is another reason we should not be fighting this war without end.

Published: September 20, 2007