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Treason & Denial

In Bush’s news conference Thursday, he brushed off the leak of Valerie Plame’s CIA status with, “It’s run its course. Now we’re going to move on.” This is how Bush deals with an act of treason. This is an outrage. Also an outrage was his remark that he’d listen to Congress, but that Congress had limited power in the Iraq war. He said he didn’t think that Congress ought to be running the war. He said, “I think they ought to be funding our troops.” He said Congress only had the right to approve the money, but not conduct operations or set the number of troops. In the last election, the American people elected Democrats who ran on platforms to bring the troops home. If the Congress permits the president to continue on this suicidal warpath, its members will not be re-elected. How much money and blood must be spent to satisfy this man’s gut “belief”?

Published: July 13, 2007