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The War

I have been watching “The War,” a seven-part Ken Burns documentary series on PBS about WWII.  I have been so deeply moved by this series. It brought me to tears several times. The war was necessary, I have no doubt. What is terrible to comprehend is how any leader could launch a bombing on helpless people, like what happened to us when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor or when Hitler invaded Europe, country by country.
That our current president could launch a bombing of “Shock and Awe” on Baghdad is absolutely heartbreaking. How could the president of our country—the country that saved the world from Hitler—do such a terrible thing?
My father always said, “No one wins in war.” He knew first-hand. Unfortunately, Bush and Cheney never did. They successfully avoided serving in Vietnam. If they had spent weeks in mud holes, gone with nothing to eat or drink, witnessed the violent deaths of their friends or loss of limbs, maybe they wouldn’t have been so trigger-happy. What a horrible price our great country has paid. We are no longer looked on as the country that saved the world from Hitler’s domination. We now launch “preventive” wars based on “gut feelings.”

Published: October 03, 2007