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The Squeeze in On

With Sen. Olympia Snowe joining other key Republicans like Sen. Richard Lugar supporting a change of course in Iraq, Bush can’t help but listen to the majority of Americans. We want our troops to come home. Representatives heard from their constituents over the Fourth of July holiday and now Republicans who will be up for re-election soon are getting nervous. They should be. But they also know how stubborn Bush is. I don’t think Bush will make a change in policy until the reason we invaded Iraq is signed, sealed and delivered—which is turning over new development of Iraqi oil to his best friends in the private oil industry. This is set forth in the proposed petroleum law that must be signed off on by the Iraqi government. Why wouldn’t they jump at turning over the rights of oil exploration and development to foreign oil companies for over 80 percent of their oil? The Iraqi government was so excited about our proposed Production Sharing Agreement that the Iraqi leaders decided to take a month off for vacation.

Published: July 10, 2007