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Stem Cell Research is Imperative

Again, our representatives listened to the American people who overwhelmingly want federal funding of stem cell research so that our scientists can compete with an international quest to find cures for diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries and other life-threatening diseases. Meanwhile, fertility clinics throughout the nation routinely destroy embryos instead of gaining knowledge to advance science and saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with these life-threatening conditions. For patients with these serious conditions, every day is a lifetime of waiting and hoping for some breakthrough to save their lives or take another step. Our representatives belong to religious faiths across the full spectrum, yet they support stem cell research. Why should the purported religious views of one man stand in the way of science? Our president has vetoed stem cell research before. Will he again stubbornly stand in the way of medical progress?

Published: June 12, 2007