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Sicko Review

I just saw the movie “Sicko” by Michael Moore the other night. This is a movie that everyone should see—not just fans of Michael Moore. As everyone probably knows by now, the movie is about the American health insurance industry. Moore concentrates on patients who have health insurance and feel secure until they become sick—and that’s when the trouble begins. The patients he shows us are ordinary Americans who are routinely denied tests and treatments by their insurance companies, and in each case, they suffer terrible and sometimes fatal consequences. Moore also shows footage of a former insurance company employee, a physician, who testified that she was rewarded for routinely denying coverage for tests and treatments to sick patients. She said that she is haunted because she caused the death of a man by denying him coverage for a treatment. Moore also shows us how other countries provide absolutely free universal health care to their citizens—in countries from Britain to Cuba to France—and the way that having that security improves their lives. In each of the countries he covers, no one can be financially wiped out because of sickness. Although Moore doesn’t show the downsides of any of the other countries’ health systems, the viewer is left with the question, Why does the U.S. fail to provide universal health care? To me, the most outrageous moment in the film is when a sick woman who had been a rescuer at ground zero after 9/11 went with Moore to Cuba for treatment she couldn’t get in the U.S. They gave her tests and prescribed an inhaler drug that cost a nickel in Cuba. It cost her $120 in the U.S.
The following link is of an interview of Moore with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Published: July 09, 2007