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Ruining Lake Michigan Water

Mayor Richard M. Daley joined other lawmakers including Sen. Dick Durbin in objecting to Indiana’s clearing the way for BP to dump an average of 1,584 pounds of ammonia and 4,925 pounds of sludge into Lake Michigan every day. According to the Chicago Tribune, Durbin wrote the Environmental Protection Agency officials in Washington. “It’s our responsibility to support efforts to restore, rather than further degrade Lake Michigan. BP says that they are spending $90 million to upgrade the refinery’s water-treatment plant in Whiting, Indiana. State and federal regulators said that BP doesn’t have enough room at the 1,400-acre site to upgrade the water treatment plant enough to keep the pollution out of the lake. It doesn’t matter how many jobs BP offers Whiting, Indiana residents. Do we really want algae blooms ruining our lake? I am horrified that a corporation can be permitted to pollute our most precious natural resource. The aesthetic wonder of Lake Michigan brings abundant tourism dollars to surrounding states and cities and it’s where we get our drinking water! Nothing can justify destroying the precarious balance of nature in our lake. Contact your representatives. Let them know how you feel about this issue.

Published: July 19, 2007