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More Debates


CNN’s and YouTube’s Presidential Debate was held Monday night. Pundits are calling Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama the winners because they held their own. I was more impressed with John Edwards, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson, all who offered more passionate convictions on how they stood on the Iraq War and health care. Richardson’s appearance may not have been as polished as the others, but he is a very smart and experienced man. Joe Biden’s assessment of the Iraq War and how we would actually get out is more realistic. He came across as a very experienced and presidential, right on with Darfur— I also believe there is a moral imperative for us to stop the genocide. John Edwards also was passionate about health care and I think that Americans are fed up with corporations controlling their life and death situations. Edwards came across as a leader who would stand for the common man in the current David and Goliath health arena.

Published: July 24, 2007