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Daniel Ellsberg's Warning

Daniel Ellsberg, the anti-war activist who released the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times during the Vietnam War, gave an address to a crowd at the Elizabethtown  College’s Center for Global Citizenship this week. According to the Intelligencer Journal, Ellsberg spoke of Bush’s “rogue administration” and warned attendees that this administration is paving the way to declare war on Iran. He bases his warnings on Wednesday’s Senate resolution declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. He said that the Senate resolution is very much like the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in 1964 in which Congress virtually gave President Lyndon Johnson the green light for combat in North Vietnam. Ellsberg urges government and military officials who have knowledge of Bush’s plans to attack Iran to come forward and warn Americans of the plans. He said, “Don’t wait ’til the war has started. Don’t wait ’til the bombs are falling or thousands more have died.”

Published: September 29, 2007