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Bush Values

Yesterday our president vetoed the S-CHIP bill which would have funded health care for an additional 4 million children. It was to be funded by an additional 61-cent cigarette tax.

Bush, a friend to big tobacco, attributed his veto to fiscal responsibility. But where was his fiscal responsibility when the U.S. sent $12 billion in shrink-wrapped cash into Iraq with no accountability about how it would be spent? Most of it vanished.

A cigarette tax would have had the added bonus of getting smokers to quit. This is very important, given recent research by the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre that found the expression of 124 genes in former smokers had not returned to normal decades later. Additionally, some genes that are important in DNA repair were also expressed in former as well as current smokers.

The whole National Cancer Institute budget for 2007 was under $5 billion.

These are Bush’s priorities.

Published: October 04, 2007